Feeder aspires to dig deeper than your average food blog. I’m talking to anyone who is making great food – boldly or quietly. I'm talking to them about who they are, what they do and why, their passions and expertise, their history and relationship with food, their memories and more. Interviews are recounted in the first-person so as to preserve the voice of the speaker. Every story is different, but keep an eye on the commonalities that emerge.

Feeder is a blog run by me, Charlotte, an American-Brit living in San Francisco and London. 

Making food is an extroverted act, but also an innately intimate one. I spend a lot of time thinking about who makes my food; especially if that food is good. Now I'm finding out. 

What's with the logo, you ask? The lion's paw is the crest of my family's name. Originally the lion was clutching an axe, but I asked my talented friend Stassja Mrozinski to put a wooden cooking spoon there instead. Now the crest is a celebration of creation, not destruction, and the power cooks hold to transform, delight and sustain.

Feeder is currently covering stories in northern California and the UK, because that's where I live (and eat) most of the time. If you're a feeder here, or anywhere nearby, then get in touch. Tips from food lovers are also very welcome. 


Photo by Matilda Denny

Photo by Matilda Denny