What I'm enjoying now

David Chang's unified theory of deliciousness. From Wired.

A fine-dining chef tried to take on fast food. It was harder than he ever imagined. From the California Sunday Magazine.

The history of pho. It's more than a soup. From Lucky Peach

A day in the life of a halal food vendor in New York City is tough work. From the New York Times.  

The Kitchen Sisters. Food storytellers for NPR and others 

Brunch With. A series of interviews in between breakfast and lunch

Bite. An investigative food podcast from Mother Jones 


Timeless food reads and resources 

Elizabeth David, an omelette and a glass of wine (A 1959 essay by the seminal food writer)

Anthony Bourdain, don't eat before reading this (The article that brought Bordain to the public eye) 

How to make the perfect ... (Regular food column by the Guardian's Felicity Cloake, usefully the first place I turn when trying out a classic recipe for the first time)


Resources from feeders

Dalston Chillies (A blog about growing chillies in London, by Ben Kulchstein